Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat each other and our clients.

We say what we mean, we mean what we say and we always follow through.We are honest, straightforward and respectful.

Cays and Co. The Craft

Cays and Co. is a boutique floral studio. 

We providing exceptional design services for discerning clientele. We cater to corporate businesses, five ­star and boutique hotels,upscale restaurants and private homes throughout Nassau, and the family islands in the Bahamas. Whether we’re creating a luxurious personal arrangement or staging a full- scale event, we don’t just sell a product; we provide an unforgettable floral experience.


We come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some creative, some strategic and others technical but we are united in one obsession: great work that delivers success and results to our clients.


Each of our endeavors is guided by a strong sense of craftsmanship and passion for the floral industry. We strive to create meaning and value for our customers and their users and seek to imbue our designs with a sense of wonder.



Born and raised in Canadian farm country surrounded by maple trees, cherry and peach orchards and gardens full of roses and grapevines, Benjamin developed a deep respect for nature at a very young age. When he was 18 years old, he moved to Toronto where he studied interior design and architecture. After four years of successfully pursuing his interest in design, flowers and event planning, Benjamin moved between Montreal, Boston and New York City where he worked for many of the industries top floral boutiques and event firms. With a wide scope and understanding of his craft he headed South to begin work within the flora and fauna of the Caribbean.In November 2014, Benjamin’s vision of an island life set midst sun, sand and sea inspired him to create Cays & Co. With over a 2 decades of experience, C&C has grown into a multi-­event production house but the message has always stayed the same. Whether it is a lavish wedding or a laid ­back summer dinner party, the focus is to create memorable and breathtaking environments filled with exceptional beauty and detail.