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Island Inspired. Artfully Crafted

Launching late 2013, Bloom Bahamas has emerged as one of the leading floral firms in The Bahamas. Bloom’s arrangements and designs breathe life into all spaces, while our floral designers handpick every bloom and create arrangements that inspire our clients and team.

As Bloom Bahamas’ name is synonymous with quality, we strive to deliver a high-touch customer experience. Our designs are fit for every extravagant or understated yet classic moment in your life – from interiors to our turquoise ocean and every special occasion in between. Our island chic home décor is infused with the essence of island living. Each piece tells a unique story, infusing your living spaces with personality and charm. 

We are your partner in transforming spaces with breathtaking and stylish arrangements and home décor that elevates every moment.

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Manager & Lead Floral Designer
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