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Fresh blooms are perfect as a pick-me up, just because, special occasion, anniversary, birthday gift and so much more! Our subscription service takes the guess work out of delivering your flowers, so you can set it and forget it. Have your fresh flowers delivered weekly, monthly, or for special occasions only. Just tell us what you like from the list below and we'll take it from there! You get to save in two ways when you sign up: Save 50% on delivery by paying in full for the year AND swap out your vases to get more flowers for your budget Skip or cancel anytime (within our 24 hour notice before delivery or renewal date) and get flexible delivery dates and times. Our fresh Blooms are artfully crafted and customized each time, with you (and your recipient) in mind. Starting your subscription is easy: 1. Submit this form and we will contact you to discuss your budget and style preferences. 2. Complete the credit card authorization form we will email to you. 3. Wait for your deliveries to begin!

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Substitution Policy:

It is important to note that all arrangements are handmade. Color variations and size of flowers can vary as Mother Nature sees fit. Size, quantity of flowers and colour variations may vary from images displayed on our site. Some flowers are seasonal and not readily available year round. There are also times when flower shortages arise and substitutions to flower type and/or color must be made. Substitutions may also occur with vases and vase colours (as needed). We will do our best to contact you in advance of order delivery (or in store pickup date) to advise of any necessary changes or substitutions. We always try to maintain the same look and feel of the arrangement or items you have selected. Substitutions will be made with items of equal or greater value.

Fresh Flower Care:

We love helping you gift and receive flowers and want to help you enjoy your flowers for as long as possible.
Kindly note that in order to increase the life of your flowers, you should do the following:

  • - Ensure the water remains clear, as flowers need to “drink” clean water.
  • - Check that the arrangement has clean water in the vase (or container) at all times.
  • - Try to keep arrangement in a cool area and away from sunlight.
  • - Refrain from touching flowers (as much as possible) as oils from your hands can damage flowers.